Come and discover the products of our land

Re Artù is not only hospitality: next to the accommodation facilities there are vineyards and olive groves that are worked with care and passion by expert hands for the production of high quality wines and oils able to tell the story of the territory, its history and its flavors.

Wines in particular, through their names and their peculiarities, retrace the life of Saint Francis, narrating the places he visited and giving voice to the figures he met along his way:

… “The first stop of our wine journey has been INFERNO HILL, the hill in front of which vineyards extend, the hill where the beheadings of evildoers took place, the place that St. Francis later chose for his burial; and now there stands the Basilica dedicated to him, the Basilica of St. Francis.



The real peculiarity of these wines is in the choice of the type of vine. The first desire and experiment was to create a wine which could combine the peculiarities of Umbrian soil with non autochthonous vines.




The climatic conditions and the peculiarities of the land of a region not wet from the sea, allow to obtain an oil of great value and quality, recognized DOP Umbria by the European Union.